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Part of my need to create things from rubbish is fueled by trips to local thrift stores. I must say, being from the East Coast, California thrifting can be a bit pricey. I found a diamond in the rough yesterday.

vita mix 3600

vita mix 3600

It’s heavy, made in the U.S.A, and runs like a dream. That bright orange sticker says $13.99. Yes, please. Do these get better with time, because 1975 was a pretty good year for the Vita Mix 3600.

vita mix 3600
I felt healthier just looking at what I could throw in there, tomorrow there will be kale involved!

vita mix 3600



  1. I delight in your Vita-Mix “FIND” and love your creativity..I am extremly fond of glass of all types. I a resurrecting the Old Family Vita-Mix just like yours. It served the family of six very well for many years in the 70’s. Then the switch broke and it went into hybernation. I am currently in a very interesting hunt for the replacement switch. just so you can’t get to any replacement parts for the 3600 from Vita-Mix. If you need if..let me know I will give you what I find..

    P.S. You familiar with Wabi Sabi?

    I do assemblage..mostly cast of and abonadoned things..check out my Youtube



    Eider…rhymes with skater

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