Straighten Up – Silk Bead Cord


Sea Glass Necklace - Mosaic

I use silk bead cord in some of my jewelry making. It comes in 2 meter lengths wrapped on a card. Once unraveled, the silk cord is pretty kinked up. I searched the interweb and only found recommendations for stretching the cord for hours using a weight. Here is what I’ve come up with as a solution to straighten (not necessarily stretch) in just a few minutes.

Griffin SIlk Bead Cord

Fresh out of the package, silk bead cord.

Griffin SIlk Bead Cord

Soak in a bowl of tepid water for a minute.

Griffin SIlk Bead Cord

Unravel one card at a time.

Griffin SIlk Bead Cord

Grip one end of the cord in one hand, with the other hand pinch the cord and pull through to the tip, straightening as you go. Repeat the motion two more times.

Griffin SIlk Bead Cord on Sea Stone Magents

I hang the cord on magnets on the fridge to dry and keep untangled. Because of my process I can use the cord while it’s still damp, but if you are using glue, wait until the cord is completely dry.

UV Sea Glass Necklace - Mosaic

This is a UV sea glass mosaic bezel on silk cord for sale on Etsy.

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