Green Glass Gift


Recently a gentleman got in touch with me, requesting a custom ring for his bride to be. She doesn’t wear much jewelry so he wanted to create a simple, subtle ring with green sea glass for her. This is what we came up with;

Custom Green Sea Glass & Sterling Silver Ring

This ring is the beginning of a lifetime of green glass gifts.  The following story was his reason for starting this tradition;



One thing that surprises you about Yosemite in winter is that it is quietly, deeply romantic. I learn this fact on my snowshoe hike the next day, when, late in the afternoon, with all of us a little tired and happy for a chance to rest, Karen the guide pauses to tell us a story.

The story is about ravens, birds so common in the park in January that they could serve as Yosemite’s winter totem. A couple of years earlier, Karen says, she’d been snowshoeing this same trail and had spotted a raven couple standing in the snow in front of her. Or a potential couple. The male flew down to present the female with a piece of bright green glass. The female raven was thrilled. She skittered around in the snow as if saying, Really? For me? Then both birds shot up into the air, circling each other, cavorting, in love.

Typical courtship behavior, an ornithologist friend told Karen dismissively. But Karen thought the moment represented something more. Ravens mate for life; the shining gift could have sparked decades of true love. Now, Karen says, each Valentine’s Day she and her husband exchange pieces of green glass.

That night I have dinner with my wife and son at the Ahwahnee hotel. Rustic, regal, it is one of those public spaces that make everyone look their best. In its candlelit dining room, all adults are distinguished and glamorous, all children (including ours) strangely well behaved, like children in Masterpiece Theatre.

We order our wine. We order our Shirley Temples. We see snow falling softly outside, white petals against the enveloping night. I feel phenomenally fortunate. After a second glass of wine, I tell the raven story. If I had a piece of green glass, I say to my wife, I would give it to you.

(Link to the actual article in Sunset)

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