{ Sea Glass Rings }


This is still one of my favorite photos, of one of my favorite collections of rings. For me, this borders on delicious.

Sea Glass and Sterling Silver Rings

Sea Glass & Sterling Silver Rings by The Rubbish Revival

I love making these. No matter how many rings have been formed at my workbench, they always look so very different. Real sea glass, like the pieces in the photo above, carrying roughly a century of time rolling, and lazing about the sand, under the salty sea.

See more salty-sweet beauties here.


  1. How do you make these beautiful rings? I have a ton of sea glass and would love to learn how to make them into these beauties.

    • I started by ordering a soldering kit and watching videos on YouTube! I bought a few books as well, but I would recommend taking a silversmithing class. Good luck to you!

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