Por Fin!


At last! I have had this chair for years. I found it, kicked to the curb in a neighborhood in LA. I moved it cross-country because it was begging to be refinished, revived, and loved once again. Granted, I’m no expert at properly restoring antique furniture, but I find that one of the reasons many things don’t get reused is because people get bogged down with the details. My philosophy when it comes to things like this is; just have fun and get it done!

I started by cleaning the wood with a damp rag and sanding it down.


I’m sure what type of wood this is made of, but it’s very dense and still in great shape. Some of the joints needed to be glued and screwed together.


I do love to have two drills working at once, that way you don’t have to mess with changing out bits.


The orignal seat was woven cane. It would have taken too much time to redo, so I just cut a small panel of veneered MDF for the seat. (The MDF was from a failed piece of Ikea furniture… go figure.) I love my table saw, but for smaller projects, a straight edge and a jig saw are all you need.


Covering a seat panel is just about one of the easiest, most rewarding things you can DIY.


I chose a light grey paint (because it was the best one in the Oops! section at the hardware store) and paired it with a neutral linen fabric. Classy and a little boring? Unfortunately, I believe the answer is, yes.


My toughest critics agree…

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