Sea Glass Collection Obsession


I’ll admit it; I’m addicted, hooked, obsessed! I adore sea glass. I love what I do, primarily making jewelry and goods for the home from sea glass, but sometimes it’s really hard to let it go! The good thing (or really bad thing) is that it’s always being made. Though harder and harder to find, humans will continue to throw glass into the sea, or the river, even a lake… and for that, I am indubitably grateful. Working with a medium that was formed from the raw, brutal power of water, tides, sand, and rocks, is quite remarkable. No factory belching toxic smoke, no low wages or manufacturing waste here… just a candy colored collection of trash, mercifully transformed by nature into a thing of beauty. That is sea glass.

Sea Glass ColllectionThis display case was a freebie on CL… lucky me!

Sea Glass NuggetsGiant frosty baubles from England

Collection of Sea GlassThis is the stuff that turns me into Gollum!

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