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Name: Rebecca

Age: 30-ish

I think I Was Adopted and My Real Parents Are: Bob Villa and Martha Stewart

Type: Creative mother of one, who must make things with her hands in order to stay sane

Location: Coastal Massachusetts

Must Have Tool: This changes depending on the project, but right now it’s a mini drill press

Favorite Routine: Going to the beach everyday with my daughter and dog, and bringing home treasure (and LOTS of sand)





  1. Hello Rebecca, I love your site and picture with your sweet baby! I lived in the Palm Avenue Lifts in Carp. I walked the Santa Barbara beaches every day for years and I create art with my sea glass and stone collection. I now live in Marin where I am originally from. Keep up the great work! You brought back very happy memories for me. Thanks Rebecca

    • I need to get up to the Coast in Maine… so much exploring to do! Any recommendations of beaches to check out would be much appreciated.

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