Thou Shalt Not Create More Rubbish!

Pretty packaging is great, in fact I’m a total sucker for it. I have chosen to package many of my products in this steel tin. Not only is it convient to for store to merchandise, it also allows my product’s container to have many lives instead of ending up as waste.

Here are some creative ideas for re-purposing your tin, please feel free to send photos or leave a comment if you’ve come up with a brilliant new idea.


  • case for earbud headphones (my favorite)
  • snack on the go, perfect for trail mix or just almonds

  • 50 reasons i love you… scraps of paper folded up with written tidbits of love
  • jewelry travel case

  • sewing kit gift
  • photo ornament, cut out a photo and hot glue some ribbon to the top
  • mini zen garden, use sand, small stones, and a piece of drift wood or a branch
  • hair pin holder

  • keep your wish list… so your sweetie always knows what you want, but can still surprise you
  • magnetic holder – glue a magnet to the back
  • travel case for q-tips
  • kiss tin, it holds a limitless supply of kisses

  • swear tin (Oh, Sugar!) and in goes a quarter
  • ribbon scrap holder

  • tooth fairy exchange
  • bug viewer (just be sure to poke some holes in the top)
  • holder for clay pie weights or beans work well and it holds the perfect amount

  • office supply organizer
  • pre-made loose leaf tea bags on the go


* The tin is made from recycled steel, so use caution – caustic substances may prompt the steel to rust.

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